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Infinite Capital

Who we are



    Infinite Capital Limited (hereinafter referred to as Infinite Capital) was established in Hong Kong and is a licensed corporation (Central No.: BJC 166) who holds the Type 4 license (advising on securities) and Type 9 license (asset management) from the Hong Kong SFC. We specialize in asset management, administrative services and providing professional funds advice for corporates registered in the Cayman Islands. The funds which under our management focus in investing mid to long term fixed income investment as well as equities investment and IPO projects, etc.


   Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in asset management and fund investment, including fund managers from leading international investment institutions. Furthermore, our clients consist of professional investors, and institutional investors. To some extent, our investment strategies cover a wide range of asset classes. As of April 30, 2019, the total accumulated assets of the team exceeded 2 billion USD.




Customer First


    Bearing in mind the responsibilities of providing customized portfolio and professional financial services to our distinguished customers, Infinite has gained the trust and reliability from clients who will always be our decision-making guiding light. This core principle is the cornerstone of the company's business. It drives us to understand the needs of our customers, to develop appropriate recommendations and implement investment strategies. We are committed to providing customers with excess returns and providing world-class customer solutions. 




Based in Greater China


    Headquartered in Hong Kong, Infinite Capital has been actively grasping the opportunities brought about by the opening of China's capital market and is well versed in the Greater China market. At the same time, fueled by the confidence of our unique organization consists of dynamic elites from all over the world of whom the majorities are well equipped with not only sound frontier analysis of products but the solid comprehensive financial knowledge so as to keep on contributing to our clients' value-added investment.

Infinite Team​

Fund Director
Martin Chen
Fund Director
Shan Juan
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